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Name Badges
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A virtually endless amount of combinations for name badges. All can be customized further.
Our name badges are custom cut to meet customers requirements. Materials are also customized for customers specifications. Materials available include aluminum, plastic, and brass in a large variety of colors. The standard fastener for badges is a nickel plated pin back with safety clutch. Available for a minimum additional cost are double post bar w/clutch, single post bar w/clutch, alligator clip, swivel alligator clip, and magnetic clips.

Some discounts on volume orders.
   Now, full color badges.   


BG-1 Name badge. Black brass with rounded corners. 
4" X 2" Black Brass Badge with rounded corners $10.00 


BG-2 Plastic Name badge. 4"X2" Plastic Badge with rounded corners, many color combinations available. Logos applied are extra. $13.00 




BG-3 Sublimated name badge. 3 1/4 X 1 1/2 inch brushed aluminum badge with black sublimation print and rounded corners. $16.00  Set up required .




BG-4 Plastic name badge. 3 1/2" x 1 1/2 " plastic, $10.00. 


Additional BG-1 badge model, maroon brass and marble mist brass. $12.00

Additional BG-1 badge model, maroon brass and marble mist brass. $10.00
Laser-Acrylic colors

profile cut with superior ease and quality.

  • Additional Colors and processes-

  • Full color sublimation on white, gold, and silver

  • Black on gold, silver metal

  • Special shapes and cut outs available.

  • Pin, clutch, clip, or magnetic backs for holding power.

  • Logos, cut outs, special attachments available

Below, Color fill color has many options.



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