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Engraving & Lettering
From Rousseau's Sporting Goods & Awards, Inc. 


Complete picture laser engraved on a 9x12 Maple plaque.

Ordering/Sales Information

We offer all kinds of engraving for awards..
Included is Laser Engraving, burnishing style, diamond drag, carbide cutter (for wood, acrylic and plastic),  and Sand Carving. Consecutive serial numbers , control panels, etc. . and other contract work is also done, including signage for doors in building . We have Class II Braille fonts that meets ADA standards for signage. We also do name badges, and desk sets.

Custom Logos, are both created in house and converted from diskette. Any media compatible with Corel Draw, Design Cad, HyperCard, etc.. is generally easy to convert. Custom digitizing of logos is also available on an in house basis. Files are requested to be in PC compatible format, on PC media.
One day - two day service available many times.

Laser Engraving-Done on glass, acrylic, wood, many metals, leather, plus many more materials. Template cut out services also available. 
Sublimation - Full Color - We now offer the newest state of the art full color sublimation in house. 
Sublimation -Dry toner- an printing process whereby an image or lettering is actually put underneath the surface of a piece of engraving or other suitable materials. The imprint comes from a transfer copy from a dry toner/thermal paper sublimation machine.
Burnishing- A rotary style of engraving whereby the bit actually "polishes" lettering into a metal plate.
Diamond Drag Engraving- A diamond bit is simply dragged over object to be engraved.

Manual Engraving - Done by hand or via a "manual" engraving pantograph. We call this diamond drag engraving.

Sand carving/ Sand Blasting- A means whereby we sand in blown at a terrifically high PSI into a masked substance (glass, wood, marble, etc.) thereby eroding top surface and making logo/lettering visible and feel able.

Carbide Cutter/Routing Engraving - Process whereby we use carbide cutter bits for routing wood, plastic, and other materials.

Screen Printing - In house direct screen printing on many products and objects. Metals, apparel, signs, umbrellas, ribbons etc.

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