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Last Updated: Monday, January 14, 2002


 P SP 12x15 special with 4 sublimation prints, back plates adder, torches, black brass engraving. All corners of inter plates are noched. 

TT1 Trophy, $42.90-$44.90,  $120.00 set of three.Height. 33" / all sports available. Ball not included.

Samples of extrusion  
Brands tend to change. However, the base colors are always available.

Our brass star achievement awards. 

We are proud to be a supplier of these fine awards to the Huntsville/Madison County Chamber of Commerce, Small Business Awards Ceremony. Stars from Owens. 


9x12 with 4 sublimations and one plate engraved, with football figurine engraved. Note top plate is "blue brass" with corners noched, and the back plate with the logos sublimated is gold with logos printed in blue.

A special plaque for Channel 31, with 48 plates. Special plaques are priced by an estimated set up cost, quantity of plates and other materials, composition of materials used, and engraving requirements.


This  special plaque with and extra large disk  mounted.  Black brass plates were then engraved, noched, and mounted onto gold back plates. Standard plaque trim at bottom and a sublimated disk in middle in disk holder.


plaque for the patriot missile project Triple plated on top, with logo sublimated.

A special trophy for a special situation. 5"x5"x5" block base, with metal cup.

A picture plaque, from a non team photo. An ever more popular way of perserving picture along with that "perfect message".
Multiple columns of names on a single plate.
 4 plates engraved on red brass, with a total of 4 layers of plates. At bottom, figurine mounted on plaque pedestal, with PDU reef trim at left and right on bottom.

Fire alarm from a building mounted to a large plaque. Three brass plates with double plates, and emblem in medallion holder.

Another picture of the fire alarm.


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