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Super Specials:
Youth  football pants (Adams) $14.50 pair ( lots of 50 pads extra. )

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Product Lines
We sell all major name brands of sporting goods for team sports.Brands include
Wilson, Rawlings, Louisville Slugger, Easton, All-Star, Adams, Champro,
Worth, Diamond, Cramer, Mueller, All-Star, --
League, team, and institutional bids welcome!!
Sporting Goods
Desk sets & Gifts
Sports Software
Sports Prints
Team Uniforms

Cramer Products, by the case.

Cramer/Mueller Products

 ITEM  STOCK # Qty Price
 Ankle Wrap Roller  012500
 Ank-L-Rap 36 yd.  013053
 Ank-L-Rap 72 yd.  013054
 Ath. Tape Bleached 1/2" 24 ea.  282050
 Ath. Tape Bleached 3/4" 18 ea.  282075
 Black Tape Indivdual  762810
 Black Tape 6-pack  762820
 Can Handler  024000
 Comp. Manual of Taping & Wrapping   133200
 De-Hesive Tape Remover 8 oz  040431
 Heel & Lace Pad  082514
 Medi Pack Holster  191173
 Moleskin 2" x 25 yd.  136149
 Moleskin 3" x 25 yd.  136150
 Q.D.A. 8 oz.(Quick Drying Adherent)  171531
 Scissors 7 1/4" standard  191000
 Scissors 8" heavy duty  191090
 Rescue Shears  191207
&Emergency Shears  191207
 Shark Tape Cutter  200800
 Skin Lube 2.75 oz  192522
 Skin Lube 1 lb jar  192538
 Skin Lube 5 lb jar  192540
 Skin Lube 25 lb pail  192542
 Tape Remover 16 oz  201033
 Tape Underwrap 12 rolls  214546
 Tape Underwrap 48 rolls  214592
 Tape Underwrap 250 rolls  214507
 Tape Underwrap colored 48 rolls  214605 - 
 Tuf-Skin (Colorless Tape Adherent) 4 oz  204027
 Tuf-Skin (Colorless Tape Adherent) 6 oz  204028
 Tuf-Skin (Colorless Tape Adherent) 10 oz  204033
 Tuf-Skin (Original Tape Adherent) 8 oz  203531
 Zip Cut (Tape Cutter)  262500
From Rousseau's Sporting Goods & Awards, Inc. 

We carry All American Made Nokona Baseball and Softball gloves.
Down load & printout our Online Order Sheet 

DiMarini Double walled bat $289.00 plus shipping!

Check out The Team Manager Preview &
The Team Manager Software web site.
Sporting Goods-General

Youth basketball jerseys $4.95 and up.Adult $5.95 and up.
Volleyballs SV5W $44.90 ea. (order in 6 pc. quantities.) 

  Trophies and Awards
6" Tall Trophy on marble base, with figurine-football, cheerleader, soccer
$2.95 for team orders. (includes engraving.) Mim. 8 or more.

Coaches plaques $5.95 and up. 
We also carry name badges, desk sets, metals, and awards of all kinds. 

Soccer League sock special:

HIN #3500 $ 3.25 pair
HIN #4500 $ 3.50 pair
HIN # 2500 $ 3.75 pair
Internet special only. (Must be ordered over the net) Sock is Hole in None brand, 75 %acrylic with 25 %stretch yarns.Over the calf style with turn cuff.Tube construction.Must order 12 dozen total pair for this price.
All first quality, no seconds!

Brands include, Union Jack, Mitre, Majestic,
Champro, Wilson, Teamworks, Soffe.

9 inch practice cones $2.50 ea.(doz. lots)
12 inch cones $2.90 ea. (doz. lots)
15 inch cones $3.90 ea. (doz. lots)
all cones A.S. brand.

In Store specials only(Not for order over the net.)
Baseball lineup cards Reg $.25 ea. Now $.20 (order 50)
Champro batting gloves $8.95 pr. 
while they last. Super special close-outs on selected baseball and softball gloves.See table above.
Synthetic baseballs- (for signing or t-ball) $18.90 per dozen.(rawlings.)
Catchers Mitt- All-Star Young pro series, CM1010 model $27.95 ea.(mim. order 3 pieces.)
Early order baseball specials coming soon.
Baseball pants-Majestic with double knees, drawstring. $6.95 per pair, white, (order fifty or more)
Majestic MLB repleca jerseys, Take 30% off list
for full team orders. 

Below is a few of the lines we carry for baseball and softball.
Rawlings, Wilson, All-Star, Easton, TPS- Louisville Slugger, Worth, Legend, Diamond, AHI & ABC Helmets, Bike, Riddell, Mizuno, New Era, Majestic, Teamworks, New South, Twin City, Cramer, Mueller, 


Special prices on all Cramer, Mueller, Bike, Easton , Adams, and Fisher Products.
Great deals on accessorcies, like mouth pieces, pre wrap,
tape, face masks, scrimmage vest, helmet decals, socks,
replacement pads for helmets, chin straps, 

Fisher Product specials:

HD 100 Body Shield $39.95 ea. Min 6
SUD-4214 Stand up Blocking Dummy $69.95 ea. Min 3
Sled, Kicking cage and head set and field phones specials coming.

Super specials coming on Cliff Keen, Brute, and Matman 
wrestling products. Ask about Cramer and Muller products also.

Cliff Keen: Take 30 % off Keens list price with minimum order of $300.00.

 Screen Printed Apparel

Call for fall specials on screen printed shirts, hats and jackets. 
Coaches Camp Special- White T-Shirt , first quality 50/50
American made , with camp logo imprinted
on to shirt, with an order of as little as 15 shirts $3.95 ea.(Art charge, and screen charge also applies.)
This Special open to Qualified Institutional coaches only.
E-mail us for details on how to qualify. 
We also do towels, umbrellas, visors, aprons, patches cups ect.

Printed hat special -12 dozen baseball for $1.99 each.(one color print)
We also deliver the most professional monograming and embrodery with usually 1 week to 10 days turnaround.Limit 12 dozen per customer. 

Volleyballs Tachikara SV5W $48.90 ea. (order in 6 pc. quantities.) A good volleyball site is at Wilson Sporting Goods, of which we are a dealer for.

APA = As Per Avaiability
S&H = Shipping And Handling extra.
  Sold here!! 

Wilson jet $53.95 ea. (order in 6 pc lots)
Synthetic Leather $19.95 (order in 12 pc lots)
Anti-whip nets $4.50 ea. (order in 12 pc lots) 

Youth basketball jerseys $5.95 and up.Adult $6.95 and up.(Eagle Sportswear 50/ 50)
Reversible basketball jerseys, for practice or game. Only in black and white/ size adult extra large.12 pieces left , take all 12 for $6.95 ea.
Email us below if you would like a special on a particular item. 


 Minimum of $5.00-$10.00  service charge on all internet/mail orders under $50.00 .

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