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Last Updated: Wednesday, November 01, 2000
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T-STR#-5" T-STR4-6"
List $8.95 
Special $5.95 for 15 +
$4.95 for 50 +
$4.50 for 100+
List $9.95 
Special $6.95 for 15+ 
$5.95 for 50+ 
$4.95 for 100+ 
4x6 plaque with sports figure engraved 
Reg $8.90 
$5.95 open quantities. 
P-209 Other team order must accompany this order.
T-Sp-7 acrylic stand up picture holder, $8.95
P-234 7x9 Prowood  aluminum plate and
         engraved sports figure (color optional)  Price    $18.90 
10+ $14.90

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