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Last update 11-2-99
This page under new construction. All new products, and new specials for fall 1999. 

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Now, for the fall season, we at Rousseau's are proud to offer, especially our Huntsville, North Alabama customer these 
new and exciting models for Soccer, Football and Cheer leading. 
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Online Order Sheet-html Version
Full color picture plaques, with 
protective acrylic covering
Sunburst acrylic awards.
The "Cobra Series" of Acrylic awards.
The Golden Acrylic Series, all major sports, and one universal model.
Clear Ice Universal, with holographic mylar insert. 6 inches tall.
Model T-61 $8.95 another acrylic JD  innovation. Mylar/medalion in center. Black angled base.
T-6 Trophy, JDS acrylic, with plate,
$7.95, 6 inch tall.
Golden Acrylic universal, with 3-D sports figure insert.
T-24, JDS acrylic, with medallion insert. $8.95 6 Inch tall.
Acrylic baseball holder, completely seals autograph ball from being touched. Great for participants and coaches alike. Ball is $2.00 extra.
Baseball holder, with picture and ball in protective acrylic form fitted 3-D holder. 
Ball is $2.00 extra.
Baseball holder, with insert space for picture or small plaque. Ball is $2.00 extra.
New sports acrylic award, great for desks, with exclusive 3-D Sports figure mounted.
Exclusive, manufactured right here in Huntsville, the first of a large series of acrylic products, with picture, ball holder, and pen set options. Ball is $2.00 extra. 
With Pen $ 
With Picture insert $
Stand up, universal acrylic award, with slanted base, well balance plate inserted, and holographic, or other substituted medallion at top center, 9 inches tall.
New, Picture plaques, specially priced, with team orders, in three sizes. 
6x8 holds 4x6 picture
7x9 holds 5x7 picture

10.5x13   Holds 8x10 picture

Now, in show room number one, a new figure/column tower display, showing you easily all the new figurines and columns available for your custom awards.
The tower, and displays show off new and exclusive figurines like this soccer "tyke" making a header.